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Welcome to the Wichita Legends Soccer Club, Kansas
Club Registration 2014 - 2015

The Wichita Legends Philosophy is to create - “Elite, Brave, Creative, Leaders for Life Through Soccer”

The key to your child's self-concept and acquisition of soccer knowledge is the teacher. Legends coaches are truly teachers of life and soccer! 
Our coaches are knowledgable, loving, kind, caring, ethical, intelligent, dedicated, fun mentors of great character and soccer ability. Intelligent parents love the many unique, positive ways in which our coaches get children to learn difficult skills, work hard and achieve their potential. 

Our trustworthy coaches work to a, "One of a Kind", proven curriculum. The Legends philosophy is the only one in the U.S. explained in detail in a 320 page book, Training Soccer Legends. The deceptive dribbling part of our curriculum is detailed in our top selling DVD's, Legendary 1v1 Moves & Training Legendary 1v1 moves.  The Legends way is a tremendously entertaining & fun deceptive dribbling, scoring and elite passing skills approach. This unique method provides a tremendous depth and consistency of personal growth to your son or daughter.  Andy Barney (Founder & Director of Coaching) is writing a follow up book, Legends For Life. This book will explain how the original and ground breaking child centered Legends training approach creates great players as well as brave, creative leaders in life

The Legends philosophy and curriculum has been backed by many of America's leading soccer minds including Anson Dorrance of the UNC Tarheels.  How does this compare to other clubs in your area?

The Legends Soccer Club has the very best record for helping children reach the highest potential level.  The most skillful individuals are leaders on the best teams.  Our club has had a mountain of individual & team success while truly doing the right thing for each and every player, whether athletically gifted or not! Check out this list of players.  If you join us your child can achieve his/her maximum potential and probably become one of our accomplished Legends Alum's. 

For more information contact 

Meurig Cundy
(877) 814 - 7511
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